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Corn island (The Isle de Maize) Boa

Corn island (The Isle de Maize) is around 43 miles off the coast off Nicaragua and consists of 2 islands, Big Corn Island (Isla Grande del Maíz) and Little Corn Island (Isla Pequeña del Maíz). There seems to have been 2 shipments of theses boas from corn island one in 1995 of which some of these went to Europe and also one shipment in 1997. What all websites/books agree on,is this was the only exports and numbered between 21 and 42. The Corn Islands is now a national park and we think this will certainty be the last export. As you can appreciate pure corn island boas are very rare in captivity,Gus Rentfro obtained some of these rare boa's from the original shipment and has been breeding his group from 2000. The Hoch company in Germany also obtained some of these boas from the 1995 shipment,Hans Winner worked for them at the time and obtained a pair. He's believed to be the first person in Europe to have bred corn island boa's.
Corn island boas are a dwarf boa with females only reaching 5ft and breeding at 4ft,there are reports of older females reaching 6ft but these are rare. These boas count between 23 & 26 dorsal saddles,range from olive,greenish tan to dark green in colour with rose belly and intense colour, speckling on there tails. The colour change in these snakes is mind blowing,from a light tan and nearly black in colour in some examples, please see pictures below. These boas seem nearly arboreal in behaviour,rarely strike or hiss and are always on the move. A great starter boa in my opinion.
My concern when looking into and obtaining this stunning locality Bci was the lack of gene pool. I know the problems it has caused in other snakes species and other animals for that matter. So I decided to get one from Europe and one from the states.
This is my female corn island boa in light phase,she is 2008 and bred Hermann Stockl.

And dark phase, while gravid.

Here's my male,he's from the snake keeper and is 07,his parents came from Rio bravo reptiles.
And our 2013 litter in the making, to our knowledge (we've researched and asked lots of the worlds corn island boa breeders) the first time the German and USA lines have been crossed. In our eyes essential to keeping the blood pure in this fantastic locality, while widening the gene pool of our neonates.  
And some info on the island it's self.