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Pantherophis guttatus

Cornsnake breeding a few years ago would have been seen by many breeders to be very lucrative but with the recession and many breeders turning importer,cornsnake morph values have slumped in a big way. Many breeders have now stopped breeding corn snakes all together, in our eyes this maybe shows why they were breeding them in the first place. We will continue to breed corns in small numbers as these snakes are likely the best starter snake out there and what first got us into reptile keeping.These snakes are what will get more people into reptile keeping and this can only be for the better good of reptile keeping in general. 

For 2015 and going forward we have some great cornsnake projects lined up, we now have these to great males in our collection the should allow us to produce, lavenders combos and many great Tessera combos which fingerts crossed will include Tessera, butters, snows, caramel stripes and bloodreds. 


This male is proven and 100% het stripe, amel, anery, caramel & bloodred

Lavender hypo, stripe het amel

Another awesome male, we have a few lady's lined up for this guy.

There's that much good information on cornsnakes out there as opposed to writing our own caresheet we'll just share some good links.
An excellent guide with pic's etc of cornsnake morphs.