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Enigma syndrome

I love breeding morphs, some of the colours and patterns we can achieve these days is just mind blowing but at the same time we believe breeding these morphs shouldn't compromise the health of the animal being bred. We bred some enigma leopard geckos in 2012 with awful results and now know many other breeders who have had the same results. Geckos that can't walk straight or feed themselves.  On seeing this we have made the decision to no longer breed them and keep our line clean from this gene. We see this genetic mutation as a disability and not a morph. Sorry to start this page on a negative note but if you are after an enigma it will save you the hassle, as you won't find a dancing gecko here. You can find out lots more information on this leopard gecko disability by goggling "enigma syndrome" or look at the videos on youtube.  

Leopards Geckos

We breed many different morphs here, below pictures are but a few, at various time through the year I can have the following, Tremper albino, hypo, blazing blizzard, mack snow, Tremper snow, diablo blanco, RAPTOR, APTOR, Tremper eclipse, sunglow and most of these will be 50% poss giant. For a more up to date list on available morphs why not join Sci's reptiles Belfast on Facebook.

One of our male Diablo Blanco Giants, these guys are 110 grams!, meaning all these baby's are at least 50% poss giant, these have pure red eyes and as many of our diablo blancos are mack snow also, many are pure white. These are the fathers to lots of our Diablo blancos, but also tremper albinos, sunglows, mack snow, blazing blizards.....
A Diablo blanco but it's eyes are not fully eclipse AKA snake eyes, stunning none the less.

One of our breeder RAPTOR'S, just look at that orange!!
A female breeder sunglow RAPTOR. 
A now pretty common but stunner non the less, a gravid female Tremper Albino 


There are many good caresheets out there for leopard geckos, so here's a few excellent links.

Ron Tremper, a pioneer in the hobby, I recommend his book and his phone app. 
More excellent care guides here...

And some morph information, a mine field with leopard geckos but if you can work leopard gecko genetics out, most other reptile genetics will seem easy.